31 December 2011

2011 - Looking back & Looking forward

I never intended to write something describing what i did the past year. But a quick thought arose now. I have two things to share that i feel so happy about it. One that happened at work and another in life (i should say internet life, as each of us have two personal lives - one in internet and another ordinary/common life :-))

By the starting of 2011, i took up something at work and i feel that though it is not super hit, i realized that i m playing the game to my strengths. All the situations thought me that i should always be level headed. Sometimes, i felt the situations are custom crafted to make by temper to reach its tipping point. Unlike my usual thing, i somehow played by emotions low. Towards the end of the year, i really liked the way i handled things. I only hope that i should improve from here. It was an year of low profile and great learning (particularly the time i spent with fresh professionals just out of college).

Next, let me talk my internet life. When you want to know about something, i think usually we hit Google and most likely the first link would be LinkedIn and Facebook (if you are searching for people) and Wikipedia if you are looking for informative articles. Wikipedia is beyond Encyclopedia and it gives us authentic information. This year i contributed towards Wikipedia fund to keep it for free and i m looking forward to next year (and hopefully, i m planning to double my contributions). When you have a great place to look for information and when the people wiser than you writing/building it, it makes sense to contribute and it is wonderful feeling being part such an initiative.

For the next year, i think i should blog more (with interesting topics) and do something that makes me feel that i m constantly stretching my limits.

I constantly think about this blog and my readers who constantly make me better everyday and each time i blog.

For all the wonderful readers, wishing you a very happy new year. I m looking forward for the new year to learn more. Together, let us learn more.

30 December 2011

Now, it is Brain Rules

For the next few weeks, i m going to read two books which i think will have great impact.

I have already wrote about the book Predictably Irrational here and here. (not in an any journal or magazine, these links are below the current post :-)) I feel that i should read the book again at slightly slower pace.

I just read a chapter in another book which i found equally fascinating and has great insights. The book "Brain Rules" by John Medina. The book talks about various principles on how to keep our brain fit. I think, the book will be useful for those of us who use it. So, first, i got to use my brain in next few weeks and all the principles and then come here to write another review.

If you want to hear the author, here is the website and videos.

If you have noted, both the books are written by researchers and you could see all their points are backed by solid research.

Hope that i start using my brain from next year and then rule it :-)

29 December 2011

Predictably Irrational Again - Video

Again, it is predictably irrational. But this time it is video. Watch the following video of Dan Ariely speaking about predictably irrational.

I think, from the whole of this talk, i tend to like the portion he talks about cheating.

Even though we have thousands of mirrors in us (and conscience), we still cheat (for example, how we cheat insurance companies. I think, the insurance companies know this and again they cheat us the following years). We don't bother whether it home, street or work, we are going to fudge to an extent that will make us still have a great self image.

If you have the book, the above video could be a companion and makes the reading/understanding a lot easier. While watching this video, i could recollect whatever i read and i m going to read the book again for the insights.

This is one of the books that i thoroughly enjoyed.


27 December 2011

Predictably Irrational - New Perspective

How many of us make decisions everyday and how many decisions we make everyday?

Do we apply common sense before making the decisions and how often we regret for the decisions we make. How many times in our life we fool ourselves that our decisions are in fact correct. How often we justify the decisions we make and why do we want to appear intelligent to ourselves (leave alone trying to be intelligent in front of others). Is there a reason why we want to be a super man in a group and boast about our contributions or things we own.

 The book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely talks about the forces that shapes our decisions. The book talks about various factors that shapes one's thinking fully substantiated with a lot of research work conducted on real people. The experiments that are discussed and the conclusion drawn opens up a lot of learning on how we make certain decisions at certain conditions and how quickly we change to a different decision (a true 180 degree) when the conditions are changed only a bit.

I really like the way in which the experiments are presented and the presentation of experiments by itself is a great learning. If you read the book, i feel one will get at least couple of value adds (how to conduct experiments for research, how to present them and how to draw conclusion from the experiments) apart from knowing a bit on decision making.

If you find the book in your library, I would recommend you to give it a glance.

While many of us thinking of starting the new year with new resolution and trying to be better, i feel so happy about reading this book and the way i m bidding farewell to 2011. I think, this book is a good investment i made in 2011.

Wish you a happy new year