05 November 2011

Time Server - Network Programming

Happen to flip first few pages of Unix Network Programming by Richard Stevens. Wrote a simple time server and client.

The server listens to specified port for incoming connections and sends the current time in seconds since Epoch (midnight of 1-1-1970 UTC).

The client is written to connect to the server, gets the time and displays it.

Here is the screenshot of the output (server is started as background process, netstat shows the server is listening in port 12000. The client connects to server and gets the current time).

The source files (with comments, so that one can follow) are uploaded to my Dropbox account. Sharing it here, just in case if you want to look/run the piece of code.

Server Source
Client Source

Compile the above programs (gcc client.c -o client & gcc server.c -o server) and run it as shown in the pic.

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