19 June 2011

After a while things go real hard

It appears to me that i stopped blogging forever. I literally can't think what to write. It is over a month i tried to post something here. The past two months have been so engaging and lot of events. I felt that i lost touch and became irrelevant. I needed so much courage to write this post because i honestly think that every post should add value to me and at least to my eyes i should feel that my thinking is slightly getting better. This self imposed exile of keeping away from my blog was not so easy. I m back and i think i should be consistent.

Here comes the real learning. The manager typically delegates work sacrificing hands-on. Though the delegation helps and often needed when one moves up, being hands-on is equally important. I m not here to say that you need to strike balance as i think that such balance never exist in reality. All i m saying is "dont lose touch". Why?

Hands-on experience helps in better abstraction. Abstraction is more meaningful only if one is consistently gets his/her hands dirt. Without hands-on, the abstraction deviates from its course and it turns out to be a poor abstraction. The poor abstraction gives us meaningless decisions and from there the things go real hard. From empowerment, people move towards irresponsibility and abandonment without their own knowledge simply because they are far from reality and most of their decisions/thinking will become outdated.

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