18 January 2011

On God and Religion

The belief of God has to be a personal thing - you follow one or don't believe it. For those who believe that there exists a God - you never saw Him, you never heard Him and you never follow what you believe He said you to follow. You will continue to preach irrespective whether or not God appears before you. God has to prove that he is God even if he appears before them. Quite materialistic. They just believe what they believe but not believe enough. If they learn to simply recognize Him, they will simply recognize God in them, you, me and anyone who stand before them.

Another view is the view of believers world. Believers believe that their portion of elephant is real elephant and they didn't explore other areas of elephant. The religion they portray is their perception. They are atheist with respect to other religions. The man has transformed this world a mess, even if God appears he would think to destroy this world rather than brining in order. The entropy is so huge now and tomorrow it will little more than today.

The state of non-believers is more pathetic. They never saw God and they tend to believe there isn't a God. They have a stigma that they are rational and they are so much glued to it like the believers. They may be rational but not rational enough. The rational thinking doesn't help to reduce the entropy rather adds to its growth. My three old nephew is so intelligent to believe that there exists a country called Canada and he believes that one day he will travel (just for sight seeing) to see places and in order to do that he has to study well and conduct well. It is the same belief that astronauts have on an alternate earthlike planet. If a belief gives you a good feeling, put you on the ethical orbit, makes you to find an inner piece, make you progressive and make you to handle uncertainty, you got to believe that it exists even if your cognition says the other way. The thing can be God or love or something else. Belief is superior than the fact. 

The belief shouldn't be a blind one and rational shouldn't too rational. The believers should learn rational thinking from rational thinkers and the atheists should learn the importance of belief.

The very argument whether or not God exists is insane and inappropriate.


Dhanasekar S said...

What will I get if I believe in god? Why do you want an atheist to keep faith in God?
Do you believe in ghost?

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Really liked your questions.

What will i get if i believe in God?

what are you giving to get something? i believe (and may be at the end i may declare that he doesn't exist if i feel that way). just like people around me, he helps me to get better everyday. i believe that any good that comes to me has to go through me. i don't know what he ll give you. but he ll take whatever he gives us and we ll depart with whatever we came with.

Why do you want an atheist to keep faith in God?
having faith on something is natural process. can you tell me why did atheist lose their faith? are they extremely well read about theology before declaring that he doesn't exist. If believers of God believe for no/little reasons, the atheist don't believe for no/little reasons. many of believers are conditioned to be believers and many of atheists are conditioned to be atheists.

not only i want atheist to have some belief (on love or God or something else), but also i want all believers of God to have faith in rational thinking.

Do you believe in ghost?
Yes. i m my own ghost. my fear, my anger, my hatred is my ghost. same is the case with God. My piece, my care, my love is my God.

Dhanasekar S said...

For believer his piece, his care, his love is God. For atheist his peace, his care, his love is himself. I am atheist and I never felt I've less peace,less love or less happy than any other believer.

//why did atheist lose their faith? //
It is not that atheist are formed when one who lose faith. Consider me, I became an atheist after reading a lesson about Periyar in my 7th grade. It is not that I lost faith, when I read Periyar I felt he is correct(பகுத்தறிவு :-) ), so started following his rational, radical thinking.
How did you get faith on God? It is just in the culture and you learnt mostly from your parents,society and just followed them.

//not only i want atheist to have some belief (on love or God or something else)//
I do believe Love,peace,nature but not on God :-)

I am not here to argue that there is no God, I am here to say I don't believe in God. That is your believe and this is mine, I am against asking an atheist to believe in God :-)
-Dhanasekar S