25 December 2010

What is Experience

Yesterday, Sandeep and I had a long discussion on "what is experience". Here is what we came up with.

We start our career with equal potential. Experience is how we mobilize our potential. It is how we convert our potential (the energy we posses by virtue of being human, engineer etc) to action (how we mobilize the potential to get results) decides the depth of our experience. The conversion factor differs and so is over experience/learning. Experience obeys law of conservation of energy. The energy neither be created nor destroyed but transformed from one form to another form.

In general, potential diminishes as experience grows and kinetic increases with experience (for most of us). We become more action oriented with experience.

We came up with the following diagram during our chat.


Sandy said...

Lakshmi, to be honest, this wonderful diagram touched the core of my heart. I never knew that some of the most simple formulae of physics held answers to some of life's most puzzling question. What a beautiful definition you gave. Lakshmi, in each of our discussions, you are coming up with some amazing definitions - i should say INVENTIONS - because they're your OWN and not copied from anywhere and most of all they are coming right from your sub-conscious without you even being aware. Keep it up! Yesterday was a fantastic learning experience for me. I'm so overwhelmed and full of gratitude for you since yesterday you answered some of the questions which I'd been pondering for the past few YEARS. I wish to thank Santa Claus for the ultimate X'mas gift. Thanks for the endorsement and thanks for the "WE" word in "We came up.." though in reality it was "YOU" who came up with the entire idea and diagram. I was just a mere spectator. [p.s: not at all being over-humble].

Sandy said...

Einstein's background has been adoring unstuck for quite a while. I guess its time for a little bit of newtons, galileo too :-)

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Let me learn to take the due credit only of what i deserve and pass on the credits to this world which taught me everything.

One way of passing on the credits is to discuss and expand my knowledge (and try to expand other's knowledge).

thank you for your words.