05 December 2010

Engage at Higher Level

For quite sometime, i have been reading books quiet consistently (probably at least 30 minutes before i sleep) but yet i m not consistent with my thoughts. So far, it still exists as an unaccomplished dream - the dream that i would cherish when i see through things beyond what is so obvious and penetrating through the subtle and be satisfied with the way i abstract things. Solving an unsolved problem through the one that i already solved is going to make me so happy, so satisfied, so brainy. Above all, i think that is the starting point of wisdom. Wisdom, not only helps me to solve unsolved problems but also helps me to stay calm during the period of time when the problem is getting resolved. An analogy is the process of farming. You sow the seed but yet wait until it reaps. This needs a bit of higher level of thinking.

Do we need people to just tell the direct things? Yes, we do need people to tell us direct things. But we don't want them to teach. Assume that i teach people how to do stuff by writing a book. Then the book becomes science even if the book is written on arts. The beauty of a subject lies in "art form". For example, let us assume that a world class painter writes a book on how to use colors in painting. The painter talks about science of mixing colors to produce new colors that expresses the mood in the painting. It is a science. But even the art has science and art forms. So is science, it has science and art forms. The wisdom helps us to take up something to art form.

The science form tells us how to do stuff, probably how to do stuff better. But it never tells us how to imagine with the help of stuff that we know. The science form of a subject cannot tell all sort of things that can possibly come out of science because the science has definite boundaries. On the other hand, the imagination yields new science. But only the art form begins the hope of the future and hence it has no limits. The art form is most compelling and forward looking. I m not trying to say that science isn't required. But i argue that science is not suffice. In order to understand the obvious and move beyond obvious is only possible when you take up something beyond "science form". Engaging at higher level helps in accomplishing this.

Engaging at higher level is a starting point of appreciating something in art form. The art form gives the guts feeling, tells you that you are on the right path and it helps you to unfold your future that you imagined few years back.

Engaging at higher level can take multiple forms like seeing things in different perspective, trying to digest the information and question the appearance of things. If we start accepting things as they are presented to us without employing (or at worst trying to think at higher level) any higher level of thinking, soon we will find stuck in rituals.

Finally, if you ask me what do i mean by higher level, it don't have a correct answer other than saying that it depends on individuals (and how they events are unfolded) and the way they abstract ideas.

About Image:
I was searching to get an image for this post and feel the above image with elephant trying to hide behind a small tree as apt one. Every day, we process a lot of information and tend to form fractured views about the things we read. We read a book, attend conferences and draw conclusions rather than drawing inferences. The beauty of inference is that it keeps changing as we think. :-) The image shows how we fail in thinking. Most of the times, we think that we are brainy but the other side clearly catches our ignorance because our ignorance is quiet visible.

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