28 November 2010

Excellence is never a Destination - Professor Walter Lewin

I consider myself as one of the guys who is so passionate about sharing knowledge. I want to invent new ways to communicate effectively in sharing knowledge. I want to take classes in such a way that everyone who attends it feels as if the classes is happening one-to-one. I want to take the participants out of this world and travel to new world where we share knowledge.

And now, i have found a way and a benchmark that i can copy shamelessly. But i feel even copying is going to be very tough.

After watching this video by Professor Walter Lewin, i don't have words to say. The only thing that i can do after watching this video is to get inspired. Thank you, Sir.


ARK said...

Walter is my hero. I used to watch his lectures in 2007 as my research work is related to this subject.

I have heard him say that he prepares for 22 hrs for a one hour class.

You should also see the lectures by Gilbert Strang on Linear Algebra.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...



he also says that he cannot make mistake even if he likes to make mistake in the class. it shows his depth in preparation for the class.

Will watch Linear Algebra thing.