03 November 2010

Decision Making - Show Stoppers

Here is the list of show stoppers that hinders decision making.
  1. Fear - Fear of Uncertainty, Fear of Left Behind, Fear of Depletion
  2. Greed - Greediness of wanting more than what we deserve for
  3. Lack of Information - Not doing proper research
  4. Blind of subtleness - Making decisions based on obvious things but later paying price due to magnification of subtle things which were never considered.
  5. Lack of Empathy - Lack of empathy and sympathy towards the information and people.
  6. Closed Mindedness and Opinionated - Deeply ingrained in one's own perspective. Perspectives help us to make better decisions, the better we see the better we have clear "vision" followed by a good reasoning.
  7. Poor Listening - It is by observation we learn a lot. Listening is a great aid to make good observation. 
  8. Trying to Exhibit Force - Forcing things to happen rather than making the environment conducive for decision making
  9. Treating others' ideas based on their title (but not by the merit of information). Sometimes (or most of the times), ideas/perspectives come from unexpected ones.
  10. Lack of Curiosity - How does a child listen to a story teller? Absolutely curious. We were there as a child, we know how we felt.
  11. Not Showing Genuine Interest - Not showing genuine interest blocks effective communication. When a collective decision has to be made, showing interest in others makes a big impact.

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