17 October 2010

The Way of Taking Success & Failure

A leader, a doer, a passionate and simply guy who is obsessive about thing he really likes differs from common man in taking successes and failures.

  • A doer takes successes to her "heart" and failures to her "head".
  • A pathetic guy takes failures to his "heart" and successes to his "head".

What is the outcome? 

  • When you take success to the heart, you become more human and level-headed but when you take it to your head, you become less human, irritating and beheaded (people say success breads complacency).
  • When you take failure to the heart, you become less confident but when you take it to the head, you analyze & puncture the failure next time (this is how failures are stepping stones of SOMETHING).

And another real thing is, you know where you are. You can and only you can make those corrections.


Sandy said...

awesome post.. your definition of a doer and a pathetic guy is so mind blowing yet extremely simply to follow. This one is going to go down in my diary as one of the best ever quotes! Start a tag about "Simple LeaderShip"!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Welcome back to Unstuck after long time :-)

thanks for ur words.

yeah, i have a tag "Leadership 101". Check out - http://unstuck.grabyourfreedom.net/search/label/Leadership%20101

ravindhar said...

You are thinking is amazing.. nice post..

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Thank you for reading and comments.

many such thinking arises when we chat casually during tea. There is no shortage for thoughts when ppl like you are around

have a nice day