06 October 2010

"True Leader" is a State

Good Morning Folks,

"True Leader" is a state and "true leader" is not something that is gotten by virtue of one's position. For example, Mahatma Gandhi never called himself a leader but yet he is one of very few people in the world who is known to be possessing the qualities of "true leader". So are Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. All these people are known to be exhibiting or being in the state of "true leader" on a daily basis. All these people were working for a vision which is liberating the part of the humankind that was in slavery. Not only that they had a vision, they were also able to stay connected with the vision always.

Does it mean that the others who were not known to external world were not  "true leaders". No. There could be or should be "true leaders" who never wished to show off. If such a people do not exist, then his world could have been destroyed with the volume of garbage we thrash at her. Certainly there are people who pick the mess that is thrown and bring in the order. They know that deed matters the most than the publicity. Good people really understand what they achieve by publicity stunt and they don't need it or do it.

I was wrong in looking people who are true leaders because such a people never exist. When i looked for people, i always missed the qualities that made them. I should have looked for people who are being in the state of "true leader".

Yes, "true leader" is state but not a person.

How to find true leaders?
True leaders are the ones who have best interest of the people and vision but not personal vested interest. Can't we find "true leaders" who live with us in home/next door, travel with in city bus and work with us.

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