02 October 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain

Can you expect a better day particularly on Gandhi Jayanthi when you

  • be with your parents both listening to classical music and feel so peaceful
  • have your mom to recollect that my grandpa (mom's father) used to listen such a great music and still remembers that she used to play classical music in her audio cassette player.
  • see, feel and smell the rain that pours to its heart content and makes our heart so peaceful.

With all the setup, it is so blissful to listen violin concert by duo Ganesh and Kumaresh. After they started to play Kapali, the rain too started and it was at its peak when they completed. I didn't feel that rain and their music is co-incidental. It is because of their music, rain mother started to touch the soil. It is cause-effect relationship.

It is so Peaceful.

Three rains happening now - peace, music and rain.

Thanks to Podigai TV for brining wonderful music.

We should go to concert by Ganesh & Kumaresh.


Sandy said...

Gandhiji's background pic is awesome mate.. A picture conveys more than 1000s of words!!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Very true.