03 October 2010

Presentation on "Basics Things on Objects"

Last week i shared with you one of my old presentations on Security. From this week and for few weeks, i ll be writing/sharing few presentations on "Objects", "Design", "Design Principles" and "Design Patterns". I m not sure whether i ll be regularly posting every week. At this point of time, i m trying to find my consistency to post the presentations every week. Please bear with me until i find my consistency.

Each deck will have
  • slides focusing on only one thing
  • short recap of things that are discussed
  • drill for the week (you can try to reflect on the problem until i post the next presentation)
  • the topic of next week
Here goes the first presentation. This is just a curtain raiser to help us to set in same frequency. [ I would love to hear from you - what do think and how can we make this much better.]

Basic Things on "Objects" - Part 1


lordlabakdoss said...

Hey Boss, does this continue? where are the other parts of this slide?

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


as usual discontinued.

i wish i could have continued this consistently. will post something this weekend