24 October 2010

Overvalued & Undervalued and Exploitation

How many times are we tempted towards undervalued things in life? We can call it greed or feeling attracted towards undervalued thing. In today's world, the marketeers who come in many flavors like marketeers who is trying sell a product, boss coming to you to extract work from you and a butcher feeding his cattle which is going to be slaughtered. All of them have a vested interest with you buying their idea. 

They bring hot actress for selling their products and the boss gives you an illusion that he will give you better rating next time. People exploit you when you don't know how to make decisions or stumble in making decisions. They want people to stumble because only when you stumble you make worst decisions. They sell their products (which is highly priced) when you stumble. How the stumble help them? You end up feeling that "that is my mistake" and they can fly (easily?) away from the mess. Have you ever felt that you bought a TV or a thing and later realized that you shouldn't have purchased it? They have whole department targeting an individual. Mostly, the individual traps in. Either you stumble because of your ego or you being misinformed, it doesn't matter. They want you to yawn and finally give their products to you when you yawn.

That's why i say, the marketeers are here to condition you and to arrest the mobility of your thoughts. They sell their heavily priced and overvalued things to you by offering you low priced and undervalued things for free of cost. At the end, you end up paying more (you realize it in half way but your ego stops you from making corrective actions, yet again they win and you continue to lose :-)) which is an EXPLOITATION.

you are being exploited


ARK said...

That's the view point you get when you see the system from outside.

and.. there might be something that triggered you to write this.

Are you a smart marketer or a stumbled consumer?

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Agreed, system is relative and keep changing as one's view changes but that is not certainly an outsider view :-)

this is more in relation to what we discussed when we met last time (on the lawn).