04 October 2010

Leaders to "Follow" and Followers to "Lead"

A couple of years back, i was reading "My Experiments with Truth" by Mahatma Gandhi and i was awed by the qualities of Gandhiji particularly the "Truth". On 2-Oct-2010, i was searching for a picture of Mahatma Gandhi for the background of my blog (i m trying to bring in event/news based image like Google). Googled and got the following picture (which also set as background picture).

This picture sounds really interesting and conveys a lot to us. Mahatma Gandhi, though he was keeping good health and a brisk walker, he seems to be guided by a small kid. For me, it appears that Gandhiji has given full control to this kid and he seems to follow the steps of the kid with great confidence, great joy and following the kid with great respect. No fear whatsoever and absolute faith and calm in following the kid.

By seeing this, my heart longs for something like the above in all our workplaces. Won't it be great if all the leaders follow and all the followers lead?


உத்தண்டராமன் said...

Leaders to "Follow" and Followers to "Lead".

Lovely statement and makes me to think on seeing the foto.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Good.. good.. good..

share your thinking plz...