20 October 2010

First Online Utility - jQuery, CSS and HTML

Not much of JavaScript has been written, but it works like a wonder. I tried to put together a simple utility - a popup that will greet the users who visit my blog.

The tiny widget has following features.

  • it asks for the user to subscribe through email and get connected by RSS/Twitter.
  • it displays the popup bit graphically - slides down and up
  • it uses cookie and remembers the users' choice.
  • it pops up after X minutes of page refresh (X is configurable)

and it looks like

I used pure HTML, CSS and jQuery to develop the simple widget. The app is half done and i have hosted it in another blog where i test apps before going to production.  Hopefully the widget should go live in a week or so. Meanwhile, let me know if you need this app for your blog/website. BTW, this comes free with source code (kind of open source)

All credits should go to jQuery.

And it feels like

Please follow the link to see the apps written using jQuery. Junkyard Apps.

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