07 October 2010

Black Holes in Professional Life

Never put efforts in professional life without measuring. It is like a black hole and the size of the hole depends on the size of the organization. It drains a lot of energy from you and you never get anything back if you don't measure. If you say that it will add to your experience, my experience says 
  • if you don't measure, you/others think it is easy job (but which may right or wrong)
  • "no, it doesn't add to your experience" because you will be swimming deep to find that experience
  • it will be very difficult to come out of highly viscous habit.
  • you will lose focus and end up doing everything which has none to do.
  • you will end up in staying up late to do your daytime job while you help for others in the daytime
  • you will be literally struggling to put forward your assignments/results, then people take you for granted, then you lead austere life and finally write this kinda post ;-)
If someone asks you "can you do this?", ask questions and never accept until you are 100% convinced that you like the task, you will do the justice to the job, you can measure the efforts/results and in fact they will pay you back.