09 September 2010

What Can We Learn From Hatching?

Sometime back, i published a post titled "Get out of the Shell, Mr. Chick" on the need for passion to transform oneself. This post is add-on to that and please make sure that you read that post ("Get out of the Shell, Mr. Chick") before this. Now, we are sure that we need internal force or passion to do anything (and to excel in that).

But one question that pops up - "i have been doing this for so long time but no results". There is no wrong in being result oriented but i just can't see results. Seems like the tunnel is too long and too dark. I m afraid that i will give up. First, i would say, these thoughts are usual and things will be clear if we just try to understand from chicken hatching (or birth of a human).

There are two ways of answering this question. First, the usual answer which is simple without logical thinking saying that you shouldn't look for results when passion drives you. But, I don't agree with that fully. I agree with that statement to an extent of putting in efforts - dont measure your efforts when passion drives you. I don't agree with the argument if someone says that you shouldn't measure the results. Obviously, we need to measure the results so as to understand the efforts required to reach the purpose.

The second way of answering that question is to understand the process of transformation. Let us take the example of chicken hatching out of an egg. Once the hen lays the egg, it takes roughly about 21 to 37 days for the new baby to be hatched. Even this is the case with human being. But there is no clever doctor in the earth to exactly predict the time of birth or chicken hatching. The scientists have understood the environment or process of birth or hatching. But they haven't understood enough to predict the date of birth to the minutes because that is close to impossible or the world is not interested to know the exact time. The world is more interested on the transformation (to motherhood) and the product of transformation (the child), so extra few days or weeks doesn't matter. No mother in earth pulls her baby out if she stays in for few more days, the mother and the child know the time doesn't matter, but the pain (labour) matters.

If we are working on our transformation, it is quite natural that if we take few more days/weeks/years. It is worth the wait. Sometimes, "the wait" is far better undue transformation.

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