15 September 2010

Weaker Ones - Go Get It

There were many stories and the good one is the story of the fox that says, "mmm, no, those grapes will sour".

Weaker are the ones who surrender totally. I won't even use the word surrender as the word signifies freedom and realization in spiritual context. Inaction and letting others to act on me is a terrible pattern. Initially it made me feel so good and i seemed to get things with someone's effort. But i m sure that as the time progresses, the pressure will mount on me - you can't really say the cause of the pressure and if you drill down, it is self. I feel that i m deeply chained and we know that if we are chained to anything except the roots is not freedom. Freedom is something for strong hearted but not for me, because i m faint hearted. Freedom should lead to action but not the passport for inaction.

Freedom is highly risky and for sure leads to evolution. If i don't choose freedom, i not only stop the evolution of my self but also attempt to extinguish my self.

The above is my thought and highly influenced by Osho through his book "Freedom".

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