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05 September 2010

Unconditional Burning Desire To Make Everyone The Best - Teacher's Day

Today is Teachers' day - a day that is dedicated to teachers. There will be at least one teacher (if you are lucky enough, you will have more) who made a difference in our lives. Often, they are Gods in disguise. They give us knowledge, wisdom, experiences, motivation, inspiration and what not without any expectation. The unconditional burning desire to make every student a better human being. During this wonderful day, I would like "thank" my teachers/professors (and all teachers of the world) and "dedicate" my professional and personal successes to them. In a sense, our parents, friends, siblings and seniors at work are wonderful teachers and my dedication to them too.


Sachin said...

Very true...

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Welcome back to Unstuck. how r u doing?

Sandy said...

very nicely re-designed Lakshmi. Kudos. The blue background is so soothing. And your profile pic in black specs looks hot and trendy and yet mature n calm:-) Keep going :-)

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Man, everyday you are making me nude. and I now 100% know where are you coming. :-)

I was thinking that you would share something abt your teachers on seeing your SMS.