07 September 2010

Powers of Truth

Today, I happen to write a recommendation in LinkedIn. Now, I m writing my experience on how i feel when i say something and how it affects our state of mind. When you say something, your intuition says something to you - you will feel that you have done a good job and your mind goes into peaceful state or your mind goes to confused state and you feel not so good. Even if you do something wrong because of your conditionings (but not based on the real facts), a slight discomfort kicks in. It is up to us to regard or disregard the cues given by our intuition. You can call it intuition or conscience (which again shapes you in a long run).

The real powers of truth are - the truth and its omnipresence, its ability to kick back some quality feedback on the subject immediately (person who is truthful/untruthful) and its ability to erupt like a volcano if suppressed (the tipping point factor).

Today, there is no doubt that i feel so much peace in mind and it was fantastic day :-)

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