13 September 2010

Politicians at Ripe Age

Yesterday, i happen to meet one of my great friends who is going to retire in two years. He is working in a bank and says he wants to retire as early as possible. He clearly knows that he needs rest. After hearing that, i was thinking about politicians and i deeply pity them. 

The politicians are mostly at ripe age - 50s (it is ok), 60s (still ok), 70s, 80s and 90s. It takes them a lot of time to climb the leadership ladder in their party and later in government administration. Somehow, their thirst is not quenched even if they are in power throughout. In some cases, by the time they enter their office as ministers they are quite above their retirement age.

But then, they are not able to leave the power even at 80s and 90s. My question is how they will face the death. If they feel so much about power and need the kick of power, how will they face death. Do they want to die when they are in power? Are they willing to be powerful dead-bodies? The death is total surrender. Even our own lung won't breathe, our own heart won't pump blood, our own blood won't flow even if we command it. It is total surrender.

I feel, the death for them is going to be so painful and paradigm shift.

I m not responsible if it sounds like your workplace :-(

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