19 September 2010

OOP - Bending, Stretching, Thinking My Mind

The past two days, the Saturday and Sunday, were really exciting. I lived in this world with a lot of imagination and i would say it was good exercise for my brain. When it comes to Object Oriented Programming, nothing comes near to practice (of course, practice with head/brain/mind or whatever we call it). Object thinking was good testimony that one has brain and trying to use it.

I started off with a nice relaxation at Marina Beach with Sandy (an amazing guy and rock star) who often gives you a lot of challenges in the form of questions. It is not so easy to answer him as it is quite difficult to convince him (i bet, if i have a presentation now, i ll be more comfortable in answering questions than i used to be few months back). We spent around two hours in Marina beach (and we both thanked each other for making a good start) and later an hour in Saravana Bhavan. Dropped of Sandy at Guindy and from Guindy, i started my week on OOP.

I was trying to come up with a design for a problem and so far came up with at least five designs. Whenever i tried redesigning, i got to go back and reread the requirements/problem statements. I m a poor guy and i got to read the requirements many times. But yet to settle down with a design. I believe, i ll change the design five more times :-)

I expect to complete the design and coding of the problem this week and hope the next Saturday morning will be intense with some OO discussion.

I hope, you will join me next Saturday too :-). But the next time, we will be more technical and let us make sure that there is good amount of learning. What do u think?


Sandy said...

Each day the sun rises and God gives us a day to begin from scratch and make that day wonderful! Each morning the sun rises, "Unstuck" has a new refreshing backgraound, a new theme, a new topic, a new aura.. It feels so wonderful to look fwd to unstuck.. Your background image with veeru et all is such a wonderful idea!! Kudos..

Being a zero [i think -ve] in OOP looking fwd to learn something in OOP from you. My lazy brain sort of resists thinking:-( With regular training I hope to make it Oop-imistic :-)

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

Yes, you are right by saying "it feels so wonderful to look fwd to unstuck". God, you are addicted to Unstuck, thats a good sign. Unstuck (i mean real unstuck but not my blog) is always good.

I think.. we are just starting and we plan to meet up regularly to discuss some computing problems, we will enjoy a lot.

OOPS is sure thing and sure way to start. but, one thing i ask from you is some pinching and some energy. u got to keep me motivated with this commitment. what do u say?

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


btw, the background thing. it helps to reinvent myself. i lost being myself. it really sucks to be like this.

The gang of four in OSI Tech days last year was surely a lot of learning and excitement.

Sandy said...

Dear Lakshmi,

Am truly humbled by your fantastic endorsement..that too in google !! To be honest am neither an amazing guy nor a rock star! Its you who makes me amazing by your wonderful and spirited talks bringing out the hidden in me.. forcing me to think to speak and to air my views.. a process in which i come to discover myself.. each association with you has been a journey unto discovering MYSELF..

Regarding keeping the commitment alive, its a matter of passion :-)

Sandy said...

And ya, thanks for the story of Kannagi.. the first ever tamil story i learnt from some1 !! Gonna treasure it forever!! Kudos to you for having the patience to describe it fully !!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


to be an amazing guy, you don't need to be amazing. if you just have burning desire to be an amazing guy, then, you are amazing guy. in nut shell, the experience is more important than results :-). you got to accept if your friend says you are amazing because he didn't tell you right away.

i should thank u for asking me to tell the story. of course, i vaguely remembered the story and the discussion with you and the follow up that we are doing now taught me another important thing

I feel that in OOPS (if you are planning to be a designer), you got to be good story teller. all requirements/use cases are stories and every software engineer should do it better.

Kannagi story reinforced the importance of story telling. i m sure we are going to have exciting life :-)

Let us be O(O)ptimistic. :-)

Sandy said...

Thank u very much Lakshmi!! Can already vision an exciting life!!

Lets hope the weather too sings our tune this saturday and sun god takes a rest and doesn't fire missiles!!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


everything is fine except thank u.

store it for future :-)