14 September 2010

(Hu)Man's Problem

The human race is now going away from evolution. It is going through extinction. It extinguishes other micro organisms and organisms and that changes the ecosystem. We are marching towards to a point of no return. A point from where the mistake is going to be costly and most importantly it is going to be a irreversible situation. Is the nature keeping quiet to all our deeds? No

Nature gives him the signals through events. The man is not patient enough and intelligent enough to sense the events. He might have invented latest gadgets, most posh/luxury sedan and made a cover story in latest inventions. In order to understand the nature, he doesn't need those invention. He needs to be patient. He is too impatient to listen the nature.

He has the unique thing "awareness". But he is impatient and hence lacks to employ "awareness". The magazine Scientific American talks (for more than months, years?) all about the mess we create for future generations.

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