04 September 2010

Direction & Initiation is Key

When you talk to good people, they point your mistakes and give you areas where you can improve. They will give you some framework on how to deal with your mistakes and insecurity (your perception) due to the mistakes you make. When you talk to great people, they don't tell you explicitly about your mistakes. They give just direction and some times multiple directions. They want you to explore many directions and finally arrive at a place in a way that fits you and that comes natural to you. 

The great people know the starting point and ending point are important but not the methods. For example, measuring the temperature is quite important when a doctor examines a patient who is suffering from flu. But it is not so important whether to measure the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Both makes sense and does the job. Using both ways, we can arrive at worthy inferences on the condition of a patient. The change or transformation is more important than the vehicle/road you chose for transformation. The directions set by great people are open ended that give way for exploration, imagination, contemporary thinking and creative. They just let us to find our way. They give us tools - direction & initiation, by which our ignorance are exposed and converted to experience.

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