23 September 2010

Ask for Help, Honor Help Request

After the invention of money, the human race started to lose its shine and i would say, "more is dangerous". I still remember my childhood days where we share food with our neighbors. If i was ill, they used to come along with my father and me to hospital, they rub my butt once the needle of the syringe is taken off from my butt. If someone is hospitalized either because of giving birth to new child (i m so proud that my mom, she took care of dozen women during their pregnancy) or some disease, there would be small folks (everyone was studying 10th standard or less) shuttling back and forth to hospital. Few of the elder people would accompany the person in hand rickshaw. The entire community would make sure that the person who was not well felt so good about the people being with him/her. What a fantastic feeling? Caring for others and getting cared is not boring thing. It is so interesting thing.

They ask help without any hesitation. They share their grief without any inhibition. The others back him emotionally and sometimes financially too. The beauty is that each of family's monthly income won't be sufficient to run the family for a month. But yet, i don't remember any instances where the help was turned down. It was one big family. Festivals were much bigger and we never missed to celebrate one. We lived big in small world.

Those are the days in which we felt both giving and asking as gift.

Today, it is quite opposite. We live small in a big world.

Asking for Help and Honoring Help are satisfying things. It gives a lot of peace and meaning to life.

Added Later:
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Guru said...
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Guru said...

Yeah good one. I felt the same when I read.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


thanks for your comments.

Suren said...

Yes !!! Two weeks before i went to my native and met our old neighbor. She is 75 years old and can not see and walk properly. On hearing my voice at her house entrance, she walked fast and hold my hands and asked so many questions. We recalled all the fun time i had in her house. I was very touched by her behavior and was very happy and we spoke for nearly 1 hour.

We don't see this kind of neighbor relations in these days. When i was 2-3 years old, my mother would leave me in her house for 2-3 days and go for some function / treatment. They will look after me, feed me, take me to movies. They are very poor, but they treat me as one of their family. It was very touching and i feel emotional while writing this comment.

thanks for triggering the thought!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


i can relate to you. i wrote this blog yesterday when i thought about my neighbor who was 65 yrs old but a close friend to me. we used to watch cricket together. He is a master chef (cook), and when he cooks in home some special snacks, he used to give to me first before his sons.

What a co-incidence.. i too have the same story that you described just above. I think, in everyone's life there would be similar people (only their names will be different).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.