30 August 2010

Verify Everything - Feel It Before Accepting

The self realization has never been a group work. It is an individual's efforts towards knowing himself. The object painted by society is just the view of the society. It is framed by people like you and me. So, there is every possibility that it is wrong. Because, human errors are natural. However the society makes every attempt to make you to accept its view and to be ingrained in its view leading to deep conditioning. The society (may it be the society we live, work, party, religion and many other groups) has a deep conspiracy. The conspiracy of not to allow us to think. Society says to man, I will allow you to think but you have to think the way I want you to think.

As man grows, his views about world widens. He becomes knowledge base and his knowledge is dangerous because his knowledge was never verified/validated by him. But he simply endorse it. He conditions you and then he comes to you with a group, the group conditions you. Because, the group feels the majority makes them right. So, he conditions you. If you get conditioned the society wins, you lose and if you don't condition yourself the society loses and you win. It is all about survival of the stronger. So far, mostly the man lost.

When you are a child, you questioned everything. You didn't think about the relevance of a question. But you just question. You get worldly experience by asking questions on the things you perceive through your senses. When you are a child, you verify everything. You give very first hand information. When you say, the fire will be hot, you experienced by touching it and you say with confidence. Thats why the child never say there exists a God (but the parents make him to say so). Verification is key to contemporary thinking. If you don't verify something, you cannot endorse it. If you endorse something without verification then it is conditioning. 

Verification is key to self realization.

Have a Great Monday and Fantastic Week.


Sandy said...

Very nice Lakshmi. To be honest, I don't even know when I stopped questioning !! :-(

It takes courage and conviction to be ALONE. Usually ppl would want to belong to a group even though they may not endorse its ideas.

Even in conditioning there are camps. One camp refutes ideas of other camp. One of my friends says that he doesn't believe in temples and all and that God exists within the human being. I said on what basis can you say that. He said My Mom told me and so i believe in that. I said that right but don't deride the temples. For some, temples are a means to reach God. Each has his own means. But he refused to accept saying those going to temples are also searching God in their own way!!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Good points. Your comments add a lot of value to the readers. Keep posting them.

You can go to temple, worship your parents or take good care of your fellow human beings or take good care to yourself to realize. The methods are fine. Any methods will work. But, all i m trying to say is that don't fellow something because someone else is telling you that there are benefits.

Before accepting, test it and accept it. Be aware. :-)