23 August 2010

NPTEL - Videos for Enhanced Learning in Engineering

If we want to learn anything, today, we have abundance of resources online in multiple forms - EBooks, tutorials, Howtos, and videos in websites like Youtube. A year back, IITs and IISC started an initiative NPTEL - National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning covering most of the areas of engineering. The eminent professors and researchers from IITs and IISc take lectures on many areas and these lectures recordings are made online. I happen to hear one such lecture by Professor Kamala Krithivasan on "Discrete Structures". It was a good learning experience and most importantly many of the courses are interlinked. 

A consistent effort will help us to understand the subject better. Already there are over 125 courses available online and many of the lectures are video lectures. Each course consisting of many modules can be received as CD for a nominal fee of 200 rupees (just for the sake of production and distribution charges). or accessed free of cost in Youtube. Now, there is another good news. NPTEL has started Phase 2 covering many more topics. I m looking forward for Phase 2 videos/lectures.

All the videos are available in YouTube NPTEL Channel and the website of NPTEL can be accessed here.

Hope this helps.

Happy Learning.


Kiruba said...
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Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


You are welcome. Many of the topics are presented well for easy understanding.

Happy Learning.

Kiruba said...

Was looking forward for this video lecture I hope will be helpful for me. Thanks for sharing

Sandy said...

Hey Lakshmi,

Very very nice site !!

Its an ocean of knowledge !! A sort of virtual library !!

And the biggest positivity is, its entirely made in INDIA by INDIANS!!!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Yes, it is completely made in INDIA :-)

Jegz.... said...

Yeah.. this is a great place !! I had gone thro' several videos of datastructures and it was simply great !!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Super. Learning Computers Made Easy :-)