29 August 2010

Notion of Best Practice - Does It Make Sense?

Most often we say that something is a best practice or at worst someone (who generally doesn't know anything about the problem you are trying to solve) asks you to follow a best practice. First, the very notion of best practice is wrong. The term "best" signifies that it is the superior and no other better option is available. In reality we, the human being, have not perfected any system with such an accuracy and deeper knowledge so as to say something is best. Most of the systems and processes are still evolving.

Assume that there is already a known best way of solving a problem and even there exists a proof to conclude that it is the best way of solving problems. The proof says about the best way and various other known ways of solving problems. It compares the known existing methods. For example, while there are numerous ways of sorting a given set, we can pick a efficient method to a job. But the proofs do not talk anything about other possible but unknown ways of solving problems. What happens if there exists a solution that is better than the best?

In the context of problem solving and thinking, the term Good Practice makes a better sense than Best Practice. The notion of best practice is wrong and the "best practice" thinking arrests productive thinking.

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