08 August 2010

Love at First Sight - Ubuntu

WOW. What a feeling? I never seen such a beauty and elegance. Having been using Windows XP every day for the past eight years, I never looked at Linux as Desktop system. Throughout my career, my interactions with Linux were limited to text mode as I predominantly write programs using "vi". I missed to live life with Ubuntu. Six months back, I installed Ubuntu in my laptop using VMWare. Yesterday, as I was feeling boredom, I tried to play with my Ubuntu VM. I did a bit of customization and my heart says Ubuntu is much better than Windows in experience (my personal view). I think, my long wish of buying a Macbook for a classic graphics and user experience is partially fulfilled by Ubuntu. My programming for sure going to become more artistic. There is no surprise if I assemble a desktop specifically for Ubuntu. BTW, all the webpages look great including my blogs :-)

Kudos to Ubuntu team for putting together a FANtastic distribution on top of CLASSIC kernel. You are awesome. Now, I can't wait for next version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is rocking.

PS: The picture is the screenshot taken from by Ubuntu VM


Sandy said...

Good post Lakshmi. I tried the same and found that the graphics are awesome. I'm planning to install it in my laptop soon. I'm sure movie watching experience will be re-defined :-); But keeping my fingers crossed since I don't have a graphics card

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Keep going. You would really Ubuntu on a physical machine - it is sexy, wild horse and does the job very well. :-)