26 August 2010

I Have Found My Deadliest Enemy, What About You?

I have found my enemy who always cheats me, stops me from driving towards excellence, he is the one who is making me lazy, he betrays me, he gives me lame excuses to not to do something, he spoils my consistency, he always questions my unconventional thoughts and he stands as a hurdle when I want to take the road that is less traveled or never traveled, he asks me not to take risks, he asks me adventures spoils happiness, he highly conditions me and passes a judgement that I can do only this much, he stamps me as a software engineer, he stops me from growing human, he says where is the time, he makes me to sleep in couch like a lazy potato (pig?), I m addicted to his way of thinking, I don't want to think like him but yet he wins. Who is that? He is "Me".

Many of us would have been in the scenario of failing and would have blamed someone or something other than us. But the real fact is that it is "us" who is responsible for the failure. The responsibility doesn't stop at failure but rather starts after we fail. When someone says that he will take responsibility of a failure, it should mean that he will fix the root cause of the failure. The pain of failure is far lesser than the pain that will arise due to lack of awareness or ignorance. If you take ten things that you wanted to do but never did and analyze what is the root cause of the problem, you will simply see the truth.

For example, I was trying to jog for past few months (years?) and never did consistently. One day, I had work, the other day there was drizzle, another there was a relative at home, yet another day I was not feeling well but certainly I didn't have a single day in life without an activity so that I can jog. When I gave excuses, I fail. I dont really know whether I can say that as failure. Because failure comes when you do an activity. When you don't do the activity, it is not a failure. It is lack of thinking and awareness.

So, I have found my deadliest enemy and it is "Me". what about you?

Have a Super Duper Day (yeah, weekend is arriving).


Sandy said...

Superb lakshmi, couldn't have been more better. Here, you've crafted into beautiful and honest, humble words a topic which every1 in this world battles with almost every minute and still its difficult to write a few words even about this topic. Hats off to you!! The beauty of life lies in this struggle !!!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


That is an over statement. Thanks for your comments.