09 August 2010

Get out of the Shell, Mr. Chick

There was a interesting message from one of my connections in LinkedIn. It says, "In an egg, when an internal force is applied, leads to a life. An external force leads to omelette" . What a way to articulate the importance of internal focus/force. The internal force that propels oneself is passion. All other external forces are reasonably to close to carbon-dioxide. All other external forces are noise and pollution. The passion is divinity, soul, ecstasy, blissfulness, and life. Why obliging to an external factors like salary, promotion, recognition is near to death? If you ask anyone that you know who run after all those external stimulus (and i feel that everyone at some point of time run towards something), they will tell you that they miss something in life. There is no proper interconnection between what they do and what they want to do. They want to do something but end up doing something else. They continue to do something else simply because they get trapped in the conspiracy. The rewards often used as a tool to conspire against you. It is a attempt to make a system to appear big. A system will ever become big when it tries to appear big. The system will be successful only when all its parts are successful. If a part of a system is unproductive, the whole system is unproductive. The external factors are tools, just tools to make you fake. If you don't realize that it is fake, you are dead and hence obliging to an external factors is close to death.

Have you seen a system that challenges the superlative? Unless the system questions or challenges the superlative, the system cannot be progressive. While theoretically it may be possible to imagine a system that challenges the superlative, it is fair to assume that it is practically impossible. For such a system to exist, the system should stop focusing on itself and start focusing on its parts. Since in this world, every system has a vested interest and some benefits have to derived out of the system, "challenging the superlative" must stop at some point of time. So, the system is progressive within a limit. What if that limit is too narrow? You are caught within the limits. That is where when you feel that you are not properly used. You seek out to be productive and to be happy which is pointless. The basic and only thing that a system must do is to hold the laws of nature. Nothing more, nothing less. 

If something has to be good, its parts has to be better. When your inner self (ego) is in perfect rhythm, you tend to defocus from all those external factors and focus on your evolution. The monkeys evolved to human beings, the human beings continue to evolve and in similar fashion the nature nurtures you and incubates your evolution (evolution is much bigger than growth. Growth doesn't include time but evolution does include time and it is definitive). After all, the nature creates a world for you within you and makes sure that it brings in equilibrium and evolution.

So, You have to break your shell and don't let the external forces to touch you.

The post is more of a confession than a suggestion/advice. A reflection of my past and how I could have done much better.


Sandy said...

Hi Lakshmi,

It was such a beauty going through re-designed blog. The first impression was that the blog visuals were very soothing and calm yet colorful and trendy..

Keep going..!!

Its true that once you find the goin from within, external perks and factors will keep coming to you !!

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


All credits much go to the person who designed the template. I just used it :-).

Looking forward for ur answer for the puzzles. :-)

Anonymous said...

To your blog after a while,wow! the new theme looks cool
And a wonderful post too
--Dhanasekar S