28 August 2010

Don't Just Scream

Many times, we see people who just scream (aka articulations, speeches and anything that boils down to inaction). They scream at cockroaches, the politicians who never work in public interest, someone in traffic who just zipped across on to their way, their teammate who doesn't understand what is work, their managers who is root cause of all their problems, the wall they dashed at. They have all sort of things and whole a lot of time to scream, just scream (at different places, volumes and languages, like this one ;-) ).

Screams are not tools. Screams are just annoying thing and negativity. Actions are tools for correction, action is positive, action brings in change, action leads to transformation, action leads to evolution, action leads to natural growth. Scream can't just bring anything but high blood pressure. When you are acting on a problem, the scream is "ok" and people will bear with you or relate to you. For some people scream is natural when they focus. A star tennis player screams when she plays a difficult shot, when she stretches a lot and she screams because of pain and the pain gives her energy to focus. But not just screams. Screams are just shit. So, please show something in action when you scream. If you do that, you look lovely.

Have a Fantastic Saturday


Sandy said...

Kudos Lakshmi,

Each day there's a new missile - a new thought from you that's a life changer. Keep it up dude !!

Waiting for more posts

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Will again an over statement and i m humbled. :-)