17 August 2010

Design Patterns - Tool to Think in Objects

There are many reasons to know and experience design patterns like finding answer to well known problems that are tested by time, it is a common language that can used for effective communication and many more. While getting exposed to design patterns helps us find solution, the experience of analyzing design patterns helps us to build a ever expanding knowledge base. It changes our perspective of seeking solution.

If one can analyze few design patterns, then it becomes all the more easy for someone to comprehend other design patterns. While learning and analyzing patters, without our conscious efforts, it helps us to see problem from objects point of view. Our structured thinking goes away step by step and we tend to "think" objects and "design" objects.

One of the key benefits of learning design patterns is "object thinking"

The answers for puzzles posted last week were published. Please visit Puzzle and Puzzle. Watch out for the next puzzle on "Binary Tree".

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