17 July 2010

Trying my Hands in Investing/Trading

There are many that trade in stock market. Most of us lose the money and few of us win it and go to an extent of writing a book. I always invested in mutual funds, life insurance and pension funds thinking that I will get a fat corpus when I retire and start to do something I cherish to do. Seems like that is a horizon. Horizon is always a horizon how fast you travel towards it. I got in between pragmatism and ambition. I was like a calm river, taking life as it comes and not trying to change my course on the "money" part of life. I don't wish to jump to a higher paying job just for the sake of money. Rather, I want to find new ways of multiplying the money and also invest on myself to get an alternate source of income/business/investment/whatever we call it.

As a first step, having lost big deal of money (ok, it is not so much :-)), I started to invest on myself. Everyday, I m learning something like investment psychology, technical analysis, economy and try to connect with people who already made quite a sum (of knowledge, discipline and money). Slowly, I will be starting to post on finance (more specifically my experiences with stock markets, my learning on the subject). I hope that will be of use to some of you who also aspire to make big business. I continue to believe that stock market is not a place to make money but a place to run business.

With a big aspiration, I have started my journey towards setting up my business in my laptop and head with my friends and friends to be. Will keep you posted if something good opens up.

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