21 May 2010

Experience is

Experience is a wonderful idea. Experience is not just a thing that you gain when you do things. What you do and how you do, not just once but consistently shows your experience. Experience is sum of higher learning, total commitment, observation of events, our awareness on how our decisions affects the entire system, trying to pass on the knowledge that we gained through experience and overall it is all about the quality of life we live through. But not just years and years of being in a place or state. Experience is both physics and chemistry :-)

Usain Bolt knocks off a millisecond in every sports meet, Sachin Tendulkar keeps doing something phenomenal in every tournament and Steve Jobs mesmerizes the market with a launch of each product. All these people keep adding year to their experience every year. But every year, they make sure that they raise the ceiling when they hit the ceiling. They observe things, they understand each event is unique, they understand each second is connected to minute, each minute to hour, each hour to day, each day is connected to year. They EXPERIENCE every second when they work. They elevate themselves before someone elevates them. It is true that EXPERIENCE gives elevation but not just years :-)


Senthil Nathan R said...

That's very nice.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

@Senthil Nathan
Thanks for reading and Welcome back to Unstuck :-)