27 May 2010

Do We Really Need To Focus on Collaboration?

These days, Collaboration, a misnomer, often used by people who really don't want to do any work but to make themselves in a center stage. Collaboration or team work is something that we shouldn't do it knowingly. Collaboration is all about understanding the responsibilities, exercising actions and being accountable. Collaboration doesn't originate in a meeting room. Collaboration is there in our minds - the openness to accept others and the openness in letting others as they are.

Collaboration, in simple terms, is mere responsibility. Do all the needles in a clock collaborate? Of course, yes. But every second, does the seconds needle trying to sneak peek into the work of minutes and hours  needle or do they always say that they collaborate? Of course, no. How do they collaborate? They just do their job and do it well. All those needles don't need a manager. They conduct themselves. There is a conspiracy. A conspiracy to make individuals as replaceable cogs, a conspiracy to make you dispensable, a conspiracy to make you untrue and a conspiracy to make you to do disservice to yourself.

You will get the benefit of team work only when you know your responsibilities. Without responsibility, collaboration is just a nice quotation in your hoarding or a catchy but yet vague idea in your dummies toolkit. If I still don't make sense, pardon me. These guys show what is collaboration and what is responsibility?

Gung Ho.

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