23 May 2010

Collaboration - When It Is Fruitless Encounter

It was a cold night. Many folks are sleepless not because of chillness that prevailed through the air but due to sounds of gun shots at the battlefield. They are sleepless and at the same time they aren't just staying in bed. They are in battlefield, fiercely fighting out the intruders. Unperturbed by loss of their friends and friends in death bed, they are fiercely fighting, heeding the commands of their captain. They spread across the area of more than 20 kilometers with only one thought in mind - to regroup after ten hours to attack the intruders in unison. They dismantled themselves to reunite. They call "dismantling" as collaboration. The collaboration is a coordinated action strongly focused on the vision with everyone willing to give their share of breathe. After ten hours, you either find them there or dead somewhere else. They are true collaborators. They make sure that they win as a team or fail as individuals. For true collaborators, accuracy and precision are what that matter. For them, the collaboration is not certainly another form of escapism to hide their incompetency.

The corporate drama in the name of revenues, net margins, gross margins, profit & loss and the series of actions in the name of collaboration is shocking or very least far away from my comprehension. People, time and again, prove that we fail as community. In many organizations, you can find many dead communities. Are those communities died because of plausible reasons. Most of the communities fail because of few individuals - key guys that involve in drama. When someone starts a community, I get a question, when will it die? when it will die pathetically? My question gives me answer. When will you die? when you do evolve. This applies even to community. You cannot stay there, you got to be better every second. When you collaborate, you got to be better than you a day before. You always feel that the value the group adds to you is more than the value you add to the group and you try to match your value with that of the group every time. In a fruitful collaboration, everyone gets their own deserved share of joy, recognition and of course peace of mind. When there is no fairness, the community starts to deteriorate and starts to move to general ward, then slowly to intensive care unit and finally declared dead.

When my friend (Karuna) and I had a discussion on this, he shares his experience. These days, as the economy is recovering, what you bring to the table is very less (or rather far less) than what you take from the table. I see you in the playground, I see you rolling your sleeves up but I cant see your hands or cuffs go dirt or you don't allow me to influence the group. It remembers of the election manifesto and electoral public meeting. You bring your share of sweat and I will bring mine. Have you ever thought about this. What if everyone brings less value than the value they take from the table. It is death by (lack of) collaboration. If you ask me to choose one between non-collaboration and death, I will choose non-collaboration. If i have choice between speaking up & getting hurt and keeping silence & not getting hurt, I will choose speaking up & getting hurt. If you say that my attitude is wrong if I stop (or reduce) giving when I see you don't bring the value to the table consistently, it doesn't sound like a killer idea and it sounds more like a moron's speech. Then, why call it a great deed when Gandhiji led non-co-operation movement? Well said, Karuna.

What do you feel?

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