08 May 2010

30 Day Programme & 10 Percent

Yet another resolution, promise, an initiative or whatever you call it, to put myself on track of good thinking, good human being and healthy. So many resolutions, yes, there were simply too many resolutions, typically bounces top of my head whenever I m off the limit either in size, weight or restlessness of doing mundane things. I need a lot of self-realization to be who am I and be happy on what I am rather than chasing things around me like a maniac. I need to be little discipline, time bound and try to radiate happiness inwards.

In next 30 days, I m not going to try lot of new things. I m just going to be effective, 10% effective in things that I do. I may start jogging and slowly increase the distance by 10%, reduce 10% of my food, increase 10% of fruits in my diet and increase 10% of vegetables in my food, reduce 10% of time that I stay online, reduce 10% of working late in office, increase focus by 10%, reduce 10% of tea/coffee, increase 10% of water intake, increase the frequency of going to my sisters' home by 10% (for sure, they will love it), increase 10% of phone calls by my sisters and my parents, write 10% less but 10% effective posts in my blog (for sure, you will like it), reduce my carbon footprint by 10% (just by going to my office by train once in a week).

All these sounds very interesting and intriguing. Let me put these things under practice and update you next week.

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