19 April 2010

Shortage of Cricket + Surplus of Controversies = IPL

Cricketers + Actors + Business Guys + Politicians + Media -> Little Cricket + Lot of Entertainment + Abundance of Controversies.

I really don't understand why many of us did not oppose IPL-3 fixtures. They started the tournament when there were exams. Close to two months of continuous cricket on an average of 8 hours of cricket per day is way too much of overdose even for the cricket lovers.

IPL has become an organized gambling in which business guys, media and cricketers (including players of the past) make a lot of money from people. Irrespective of what they say and what we think, these days controversies and cricket have become synonymous. IPL is for sure has less cricket and more controversies.

My only question is "Will IPL survive". If yes, "how long".

Bye, bye IPL.


Anonymous said...

Very True, I am watching cricket match in between advertisements and glamour doll.Still can believe the bangalore match went on even after a bomb blast,yesterday an EX or current9not remember corrrectly) IT higher official says close to 30,000 to 40,000 crores people money is involved in gambling
--Dhanasekar S

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

40,000 crores. are you serious? I don't even know how to count it :-)

More than money, the amount of time spent in recreation is huge. 50*6=300 hrs of cricket and then 150 hrs of gossip issues around cricket is simply waste.

If someone is interested in reading books, in 450 hours one can read at least five books or do some productive work like go to a conference, take up another language, learn a new skill.

The worrying thing is that we have consecutive T20 matches.