28 April 2010

Questions Are Pointers and Answers Are Dead End

How will you earn a million rupees is next two years? Assume that someone is asking this question to you or you are asking this question to yourself. If we fixate our focus on finding answers, we will probably find some answers that are widely accepted. When we start decomposing a question into many questions and when we question the relevancy of the question, we will find much better questions that provokes thinking. Each question shape up thinking and thinking helps us to anticipate probables. Most of the man made events in this world are non deterministic and only way that we can sail through is by anticipation. Questions helps us to anticipate probables. Only when we question, our ignorance surfaces and only when our ignorance crops up we make an initiative to learn and only when we learn we ask more questions. This is never ending cycle and probably ends when we cease.

If you keep asking questions, when you will find answers? Keep questioning doesn't signify  the absence of answers and in fact each question will have answer. The key here is to derive questions out of each answers and the objective is to move beyond the obvious and abstract ideas. If you look at questions, they are pointers and they shape our thinking. But definitive answers are dead ends. It is not a real dead end. It is our mental condition, limitation and satisfaction on the answer.

So, the questions are pointers for reproductive thinking and definitive answers are dead end towards reproductive thinking.

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