10 April 2010

Pass on the Ball (blame)

A few days back, my teammate and I went to a hotel near to my office. We ordered Bournvita (it is drink made out of milk, sugar and cocoa) for us. The waiter brought Bournvita to our table. Without caring too much on the color of the drink, I sipped a bit. It was then, I realized that there is no Bournvita (may be a little) or sugar. It was just milk. My teammate too tasted it and said that it neither looked nor tasted like Bournvita. We called the waiter again. He said the master (one who prepares bournvita) is new and he didn't know to make Bournvita. It was horrible to hear because making bournvita is not a rocket science. The waiter was trying to pass on the blame to someone who was not in the scene. We didn't care who made it. There is no wonder why he did that because the hotel has a very good reputation for being greedy that offers less for more. As a customer, I felt how it pains to be at receiving end of mediocre customer service.

If there is one thing that I must do is "stop passing on the blame ball" and "try to face the ball". When you do that, the people loves you.


உத்தண்டராமன் said...

Well Said.. trying out for some time to stick to it but failing at each attempt :(

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Glad to know that you are facing the ball. You will emerge strong and you will be respected as great human being.

Keep up the great work :-)