17 April 2010

Indian IT Industry - Be Sensible

I sit in interviews (of course, as an interviewer) and confidently say that we are ruthless. Most of the candidates say that they have multiple offers and they want to decide "finally". I know for sure that only small number of people are looking for learning and environment. Most of them use "money" to decide finally. But their decision was taken even before they started the job hunt which was settling in a company that offered more. A guy earns handsome in a company and he moves to another company with a minimum of 40%. IT industry is ruthless and senseless. The whole spectrum has become insensible, unsustainable, greedy and complacent.

With this rate of salary hike and job hunts, Indian IT industry becomes quite uncompetitive. I m not against hikes or salary revision. But my question is "how much". I don't know if someone deserves 20% hike every year and at the end of few years 40-60% in the form of job switch. So, every five years, the salary gets doubled. While I had a discussion with one of my friend/colleague who is heading a division, he accepts that we are ruthless and sees heavy competition from Russia, Ukraine and Thailand (many countries are at their tipping point). Either they do more getting same money or they do same at a much lower price. This shows that Indian workforce is becoming uncompetitive and unattractive.

So, this is right time for the top guys who are leading the industry to stop being selfish. Else, Indian IT industry, the TCSs, Wipros, Infosyss, HCLs will become history.

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