25 April 2010

Immature Managers - Reality With (lot of) Humor

Sometime back, there was new performance and career management initiative rolled out in one of the top IT services company in India. The management thought that they could institutionalize the new initiative during recession and they started implementing it. I would say that was a very bold and bright thinking from the part of the organization. We promote people who bring in results and we generally don't focus on experience or maturity part when promoting people. We promote people rather ruthlessly and without any basics thinking. Finally, we run entire organization to tinker them.

The idea of giving promotion in many organization is to just make most of the people happy in some way. Promotion is one of the ways. There is an ice cream seller goes on selling ice cream in a street. A kid, on seeing the seller, wants to buy one not knowing the effects of ice cream and his last week's viral fever. The mom says, "I will take to movie next Sunday". The kid keeps quiet. But giving promotion ruthlessly will have a serious effect on the growth of the organization. The guys who do not have basic human touch or  demeanor makes his team miserable. Either people run away out of frustration or it leads to mediocrity  through "suck up leadership". This is how a class b guy goes on to create class z guy. One of my friends tweeted this video. This summarize the reality but with good humor. Enjoy this video and think at the end :-)

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