22 April 2010

Health Advice - Drink Water

For the guys who are in air-condition, try to drink water. If we are in a/c, we don't feel thirsty. So, better proactively drink a lot of water. This year it is going to be terrible hot.

On a lighter note,

Sandy: Chennai has only two climates
Me: What, only two climates..
Sandy, Yes, hot and very hot.

Unlike cricket players, i don't get money for endorsement and don't send income tax officers to my home.


Sandeep Kanabar said...

Tks for endorsing my comments :-) thankfully today isn't that hot.. these days my morning prayer is pretty short - Sun god, i can't absorb so much power..give a little by little. Period.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...



I have posted another write-up on our thread discussion...