21 April 2010

Drop Your Arrogance

There was an interesting tweet, "It is easy to write words and hard to live the words". I often wonder how people think about their people and how quickly they change their stance when they speak out. They often think that their teammates should dance their tune and few will go to any extent of thrashing their ego. While they are doing it, there is always only one thing in their mind, "i must prove to him that i am superior". This is what you call as "arrogance" and if you do it, you stink. When they hold their microphone, on the spot, they become humane. How is that possible?

But the guys who are hearing can spot the double nature and tag you as "arrogant". Arrogance is not in your acoustic level but in your mind, the way you think about your guys. So, be sensible. If you want to make a good connection with your teammate (or anyone), the first thing you got to do is "drop your arrogance" and build a character that is predictable and authentic.

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