27 April 2010

Artificial (Fake) Chaining - Can We Break It?

There was an elephant near a temple. An iron chain was tied around his leg and the other end of the chain was hanging free. The elephant was believing that he was tied to the stone pillar near him. He was thinking that he wouldn't be able to move as he was tied, very tightly. He wanted to go to jungle to have deep bath. He wanted to eat green plants to live an healthy life. He wanted to be around like sized and like minded individuals. But he thought he couldn't go because he thought that he didn't have strength to break the chain. I m not talking about the elephant that you heard in some story. It is us - you and me. We never realize that we are not tied. Once we were tied and we still think that we are tied forever. For some of us, we have an opportunity and privilege to be tied with a golden chain.

This perception is not a problem until you realize. If you believe that there are 24 hours in day, one day you will wake up to find that there is only 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Someone may steal one second from you without your permission. Someone will say that you have to work in the way he wants and say that it will give satisfaction to you. Someone may dream for you and say that it is the purpose of your life. If you let that happen, you will be sitting like a duck that is ready to be butchered. Absolutely there will be no notable difference. Only difference is - the duck quacks but we speak.

Don't curse them. It is the way they have be asked to operate. They are doing it thinking that they are chained which is not true. We are totally stuck in disbelief about ourselves and we are doing total disservice to ourselves. But the irony is we want to grow. Growth is not a matter, growing up is a matter. I feel that the biggest conspiracy that is quite successful in this society is this "chaining". The conditioning hinders the free flow thinking. Get rid of the conditioning and grow up.

Sometime back, I heard from someone in a respectable position that I cannot do two things. But the issue is that those two things are done by single guy few years back. He was quite immersed in status quo and very strong view. But the problem with his strong view is that it cannot be changed and it hindered him  from seeing my perspective. We don't need strong views. We just need free flow views. He is deeply chained with golden chain decorated with diamonds. How sweet it is, a trouble is a trouble, probably we can call it a nice trouble or sweet trouble. But trouble is a trouble.

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