04 April 2010

Again Mr. Subroto Bagchi - "The Professional"

Having been a professional for past eight years, I was bit late to understand who a professional is? It is better late than never. It is again Mr. Subroto Bagchi with his classical writing on a very complex topic without a pinch of overdose. The book has little more than 200 pages and it talks about the characteristics of a true professional. The book has seven parts - Integrity, Self Awareness, Professional Qualities, Managing Volume, Managing Complexity, New World Imperatives, The Professional's Professional and finally a short write up on "The Unprofessional".

The whole of book is nicely written with deeper insights There are many anecdotes from Mr. Bagchi's work life. The portions on the topic "Integrity" and the story of Mahadeva is inspiring and it gives me courage to keep up my integrity. This is my second reading of the books my Mr. Bagchi and the previous one was "Go Kiss The World".After reading the book, I understand what it takes to be a true professional and the missing pieces in me. I urge you to read the book "The Professional" at least once. When you retire, you will leave a legacy at your work place.

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