03 April 2010

Adversity - How to Face It?

Neither my mom nor my dad had decent luxuries in their early lives. Both of them were born in a big family that struggled to meet both ends meet especially my mom's and aunt's/uncle's lives were nothing but adversity. When we (my sisters and myself) were young, our hobby was to hear my mom's early life. She used to explain us how they traveled by barefoot to her schools and how my uncles studied their diploma/colleges. When I was too young, I used to hear the story very with involvement. The involvement was just to get entertainment and pass time before my sleep. But later, as I grow up (still many of my friends shout at me when I say I m growing up :-) ), I started to listen to her on how the brothers and sisters missed a meal per day but yet how they stood by a core values.

My grandmother, an angel, in my role model. When she did not have food to feed her children, she fed her children with core/human values. I used to think, how come is it possible for a family to have such an wonderful value system. Now, I realize that it came from my grandmother. Being an orthodox family (and not well to do), it is really difficult to stand by core values. But yet they did. Awesome.

How did they face it? Whether to give control to the time thinking that everything will be taken care of? Or Is it fine to handle or workaround the situation to silently pledge the core/human values? Or to blame God who you think deaf when you always run into problems? I never heard them doing something wrong or talking bad about God for their hardship. When I try to understand what made them to stand on their values, it is love towards the family, the hope that things will fall on its plate pretty soon  and to work on the little they had in their hands and unprecedented passion towards "being human". Even when they are well off today, I find them modest and practicing the core/human values. Love, Hope and Passion are key ingredients to sail through hardship.

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