28 March 2010

Second Opportunity - It's a Sunshine

As you get more experience, it is highly likely that you lead a team. How many of us give this second opportunity to others? Why are we jumping into conclusion and be judgmental when things happen for the first time? Why we judge others based on what they deliver though they are trying things for the first time?
Giving an opportunity for someone who desperately needs an entry is big thing. But giving second opportunity to someone who failed is a biggest thing. When you give that second opportunity, he will remember you forever and will have a huge respect for you. It happened to me sometime back.

I don't need to tell you about the job market during the recent recession and how IT companies suffered. I was given a job of staffing up two teams at work and the job involved interviewing internal candidates who were ready for deployment. I happened to meet a young chap whom I heard of due to his social service activities. Seems like that was not his day. After the discussion, I told him that I was not satisfied with his performance in the discussion. I asked him whether he was willing to take another shot on the day that was convenient to him but after some preparation. He said, "yes". I was expecting that he would call me back but that didn't happen. It is good that he didn't call me.

Recently, I was visiting US for a short business trip and I saw a scrap in my orkut from the very same chap. He said, "thank you for giving me second opportunity . I didn't get a chance to meet you again. After our discussion, I went back and read a lot. Today, I m in US for an onsite assignment". He connected with me in Orkut and LinkedIn. He spoke with a lot of passion and lot of confidence. It seemed that he came to US on his own mileage - his performance. Shortly, he wrote an email to me about his journey that happened after our discussion. I believe, today, he is working for one our elite customers.

If I reflect back, there are many instances in which I was in receiving end. Many people have given me second opportunities to prove myself. Being in the giving end is a great feeling as you enable a person towards self-realization. Also, I m sure that about 99.99999% of people are products of many second chances. If your team completes everything in first chance, you have no role to play. Team needs you only when you give second chance and support them when they fail for first time. Leadership is all about giving second chance with no strings attached.

Have a Great Day and Wonderful week ahead.


Rajkumar Pandian said...

I'm too dumb to relate the first part to the second. However, I really enjoyed the second part and I hope I got the crux of it. Great post.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

@ Raj

Removed the first part for the post. Thanks for pointing out..

sub said...

nice post...I am able to relate mine bcoz I was given a second chance........ some time in my past.