19 March 2010

Open Up, DON'T Cover Up

Today, I happen to hear one of my customers talking about my product that I work on. There was whole bunch of developers and testers (of the product) hearing the speech. He was sharing his pain points with the product and various releases. Since he works on the field, he also brought out the advantages and points to improve. Since there are so many pain points (which is obvious since he wanted to know the solution), the people who engineer it were giving more information about the technology, product and features in various releases.

During the course of the presentation, we just heard his pain points (of course it was moderated very well). I learned a priceless lesson today. When you are talking to the customer don't cover up. Give the fact and educate him. He understands and appreciates a lot because his focus is on solving the problem.

With your customer, "Don't cover up but Open Up".

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